Cricket and the 2:19 is a band with many lives. Its first incarnation began in Los Angeles, CA. Cricket moved to L.A. at 21 on an impulse, determined to find her creative voice. With a place to stay for 2 days and $500 to her name, Cricket started “Cricket and the 2:19”. She played at venues including Hotel Cafe and Silverlake Lounge and also found herself on 95.5 KLOS. During this time, she was presented with the opportunity to travel and record with some of Nashville's top musicians. She worked with Grammy nominated producer Bryan Austin, Grammy winning engineer Mark Capps, and session musicians including Steve Hinson, Eddie Bayers, and Michael Spriggs. 

Cricket was born on the road with a traveling carnival and after some time in L.A., her gypsy blood told her it was time to move on. She moved back to her hometown of Toronto, Canada and brought her music with her. She performed at clubs all over the city, including the infamous, but now missed, Silver Dollar Room. Her love of music started in the Toronto theater scene, but quickly grew to contain a manic assortment of genres, including artists like Nina Simone, Iggy Pop, Loretta Lynn and Patti Smith. Cricket and the 2:19, as a result, is an Americana band with a love for old Country, punk rock, and folk music. 

Currently, Cricket is living and performing in New Orleans, Louisiana. The latest chronicle of Cricket and The 2:19, include local musicians Bill Van, Brittany (Buzzy) Piatz, Pete (The Foot) Bradish and Paul Edmonds.  They have been playing all over the city, including regular gigs at The House of Blues. Next for the band include an EP and several appearances at some of the many festivals New Orleans has to offer. 

“Cricket and the 2:19, has a sound that will smack you in the face and then kiss and make it better”. -LA weekly